UI Inconsistencies in Vista, Office and Visual Studio

There are subtle changes in the Vista UI. Some of the changes are easier no notice, some are less subtle and harder to notice. One such change is the UI text – For example the text on the button. For example when you make some changes in notepad and click on X button it pops up a message box.

If you notice the buttons in earlier versions (like XP) were Yes, No and Cancel. So by looking at the buttons only you will have no clue about what to do. You have to read the message. Now since in Vista the buttons are changed to Save, Don’t Save and Cancel you do not have to read the message. This is followed throughout Vista apps.

But one thing I noticed is it’s not followed through out all MS apps. So it seems that there is inconsistency between different divisions. For example the buttons are still the old way in Office 2007 –

Also some more inconsistencies and differences –

  • In Vista the buttons are aligned right, whereas in Office it’s centrally aligned
  • Also the highlight below the buttons is missing in Office

Also there is a small difference in VSTS. The middle button is called "Discard" rather than "Don’t Save" 🙂

Hope these inconsistencies will be corrected in future versions!


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