Vista User Account Management

I was trying to play with the new Vista Parental Control. For that I created one more user account called "Rinki" (Rinki is my sister’s name). The user management features of Vista are very user friendly. You do not need to be geek to use these features. Even my mother can do it!

I opened the User Accounts applet from Control panel. The first screen allowed me to change my password, change my account name and change my picture. This is image that’s displayed in the Vista login screen and in the start menu 

The first User Accounts screen also has option to manage another account –

Clicking on the "Manage another account" link shows the list of all user accounts –

Note that the image for user account "Rinki" is a default one. I selected Rinki and then clicked on "Change the picture" option. I selected a nice picture of my sister.

Bingo! The image of the user account is changed now –

So the next time, she will log on to my laptop (though I do not like that), she will be amazed finding her picture at login screen and on top of Start Menu. That’s the power of Vista. It touches all the users – even my mother!

Bye for now! I will keep on blogging about some cool features of Vista!


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