Windows Live Mail Desktop

I installed Windows Live Mail Desktop today from the site ( The biggest advantage of using Live Desktop is as it’s a desktop app it can work in offline mode. So you can check all your old mails even if you are not online. Cool!

It took couple of minutes to install.

Initially it showed me an error message saying "not connected to internet" couple of times. Finally after couple of tries, it asked me the hotmail user id and password –

After this it showed me a screen so that I can move my Windows Mail (Earlier Outlook Express – renamed to Windows Mail in Vista) to Windows Live Mail.

It also came up with a screen to import contacts from Windows Contact (new feature in Vista) and Outlook Address book.

It took couple of minutes to get all the mails from my inbox and finally it showed all the new mails. I liked the cool UI – it does not show the Window Title and menu bar if the windows is not in maximized mode.

As you can see the UI is similar to Outlook. Only it has an additional panel on right where you can do a research.

Cool! In the next blog I will talk with some more cool features of Windows Live Mail Desktop.

Goodnight and cheers.


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