UML is Visual Studio Team System 2010

Till now, mostly I’ve covered the features of developer edition of Team System. The Architecture edition of VS2010 also has undergone lot of changes. One of the primary ones surely is re-introduction of UML tools in VS2010 – that does not mean Microsoft is going away from DSL (Domain Specific Languages) – in fact the UML diagrams are implemented using DSL.

The other interesting part is Microsoft has joined OMG (Object Management Group), the group who maintains the specification of UML (Unified modeling language) – You can read details about it here and here.

To start using UML diagrams in VS2010, create a modeling project – VS 2010 comes with a default modeling project template – select it while creating a new project in New Project dialog –


VS 2010 supports six different types of UML diagrams –

  • Activity Diagram
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Layer Diagram
  • Logical Class Diagram (different from Class Diagram or Physical Class Diagram available in VS 2008).
  • Component Diagram and
  • Sequence Diagram

VS 2010 has default templates for all these diagram types – they can be accessed from Add New Item dialog box –


Logical Class Diagram in VS 2010:


As you can see it’s possible to use different relationships in class diagrams like (Dependency, Association, Inheritance/Generalization) –


Use Case Diagram:


As you can see, it’s possible to use all the features of Use Case diagram like – Actor, Use Case, Include, Extend etc.


Sequence Diagram:


Layer Diagram:


Read more about Layer diagram in Skinner’s blog. It’ also possible to use layer diagram to validate your architecture and ensure that code is following the layer diagram (and in turn architecture).


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