TFS Build Notification in TFS Power Tool

One of the questions about TFS (Team Foundation Server) Build that I have received many times is how to configure TFS Build so that it sends build notification for a specific or set of specific builds. In any big project, normally there would be many team builds configured – there would be CI builds, there would be daily/nightly builds and there would be builds per branch or area of project.

You can configure TFS settings, so that TFS sends you email when a build finishes or build quality changes. To configure Build Notification, right click on the Team Project for which you want to configure build notification in Team Explorer (in Visual Studio) and select Project Alerts menu.


In the Project Alerts dialog select the events for which you want to be notifies. Apart from Team Build, you can also get notification on Work Items and Source Control check in. Enter the email address and Email Format (Plat Text or HTML). Once you click on ‘OK’ you are done. Team Foundation would send you notification for the events that you have selected.


While this gives an easy option for notification registration, this does not allow you to choose the builds for which you want to get notification. Team Foundation would send you email alert about all the builds for the Team Project.

If you want to get notifies about only specific builds, you have to use Team Foundation Server Power Tool Build Notification. Build Notification runs as a service in Service Tray and notifies you about the builds that you have registered against.


To choose the builds, right click on Team Foundation Build Notification on the Service Tray and select Options.

Team Foundation Build Notification uses the settings from Visual Studio, connects to TFS Server and shows all the Team Projects for which you have permission in Configure Build Notification dialog –


Expand the Team Project and select the builds for which you want to be notified. You can select whether you want to be informed when the build is queued, started or finished. You can also select whether you want notification for builds queued by all or builds queued by yourself.


It shows a desktop notification when the events for which you have registered occurs (like build started, build finished). The notification pop up allows you to postpone or cancel a build.


You can also select View Build Status menu option and check the status of the build.

So if you have not used Team Build Notification Power Tool yet, download the Power Tool and start using it right away. It’s Free!



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