Microsoft may support Linux on Windows Azure cloud

It seems Microsoft is really trying hard to open-up Windows Azure to make it multi-platform enabled and not to bind it with .NET or only Microsoft stack. Mary Jo recently reported so in her blog post “Microsoft to enable Linux on its Windows Azure cloud in 2012”.

This is surely a big move – if this article is to be believed, then Microsoft would allow customers to upload Linux VM roles. Though some of the analysts mentioned that Microsoft was forced to made this decision as many of their customers are demanding Linux support on Windows Azure as a key decision point for choosing Azure in a separate Zdnet Blog post.

Till now, Microsoft had limited support for Java, PHP and Eclipse on Windows Azure – though it was not as feature rich as .NET and Visual Studio. Recently they also extended support for node.js and MongoDB.

But this was all in app tier, the OS was always Windows Server 2008 / R2, which as per the report Microsoft is planning to open up.

This is inline with Microsoft’s stance on opening up their Web stack to a certain extent.


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