TextMode property in TextBox now supports new HTML5 controls

ASP.NET 4.5 has great support for HTML5. Starting with ASP.NET 4.5, TextMode property of TextBox control supports new HTML5 input types like email, datetime, and so on.

Following code snippet shows how to use some of these TextMode properties –

Most of the modern browsers have better support for these HTML 5 controls. Below is how Chrome displays some of these HTML 5 controls –

ASP.NET converts the TextMode property appropriately to type property of input tag –



<input name=”TextBox1″ type=”color” id=”TextBox1″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox2″ type=”date” id=”TextBox2″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox3″ type=”datetime” id=”TextBox3″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox4″ type=”month” id=”TextBox4″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox5″ type=”range” id=”TextBox5″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox6″ type=”email” id=”TextBox6″ /><br/>



Notification Center in Visual Studio 2013

Visual Studio 2013 has a feature to display notifications. The Visual Studio title bar now shows a notification (flag) icon.


Clicking the Notification icon on the title bar shows the notifications area and all the notifications. As of now it’s not possible to customize this or add any third party integration (like showing custom notifications).

Visual Studio Development Server discontinued in the Visual Studio 2013 Preview

I have been making my hands dirty with the Visual Studio 2013 Preview version and ASP.NET 4.5.1 for some time now. While there are quite a large number of new features introduced in ASP.NET, one feature that got dropped almost silently is the Visual Studio Development Server (Cassini).

While Visual Studio Development Server was a legacy web server used for development purpose, Microsoft later introduced IIS Express which kind of serves the same purpose. Visual Studio 2012 had the IIS Express as default web server, though it continued support for Visual Studio Development Server – it was possible to use Visual Studio Development Server to host the ASP.NET web application.

Visual Studio 2012:

Visual Studio 2013 preview now no longer supports Visual Studio Development Server (Cassini) – it supports only IIS, IIS Express or External Host.

Visual Studio 2013 Preview:

While this is a small change, it’s worth mentioning for all the ASP.NET long timers. In future blog posts I would cover some of the new features of ASP.NET 4.5.1