TextMode property in TextBox now supports new HTML5 controls

ASP.NET 4.5 has great support for HTML5. Starting with ASP.NET 4.5, TextMode property of TextBox control supports new HTML5 input types like email, datetime, and so on.

Following code snippet shows how to use some of these TextMode properties –

Most of the modern browsers have better support for these HTML 5 controls. Below is how Chrome displays some of these HTML 5 controls –

ASP.NET converts the TextMode property appropriately to type property of input tag –



<input name=”TextBox1″ type=”color” id=”TextBox1″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox2″ type=”date” id=”TextBox2″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox3″ type=”datetime” id=”TextBox3″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox4″ type=”month” id=”TextBox4″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox5″ type=”range” id=”TextBox5″ /><br/>


<input name=”TextBox6″ type=”email” id=”TextBox6″ /><br/>



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