New Azure Portal

Couple of months back in Build Microsoft announced and showed the new Azure Portal. It’s still in preview. As probably everyone knows by now, the new portal focuses on apps or shows an app centric view rather than resources. So for example if you have a Azure WebSite backed by SQL database and Service Bus, in the old portal you need to go to different tabs to figure out different resources used by your app and join the dots mentally to understand the complete picture.

In the new portal, you would get a app centric view – it would show and link up different resources or Azure services used by your app and then you can drill down to each services. The URL of the new Azure portal is

Surely the initial user experience or the home page is similar to Windows 8 UI constituting of Live tiles. These live tiles are fully customizable. Clicking on any of the tiles allows you to drill down further and shows more detailed information. For example clicking on the Service Health tile opens Service Health blade (Microsoft is calling these drill down view/parts as blades for now, not sure if the naming convention would change later). The Service Health blade shows the status of different Azure Services.

Clicking further on any of these services show even more detailed information. For example clicking on Mobile Services shows health of the Mobile Services in different regions –

Another major improvement in the Portal is around billing. While working with developers and customers on Azure projects, I heard a common feedback from most around billing. Rather around information about billing. The old portal does not show up any billing info and you need to visit the Microsoft Account page to know about billing. Microsoft surely heard the feedback and has integrated billing information in the new portal.

So just below the Service Health tile in the home page is the billing tile which shows the plan, current credit and other important info. Clicking on this allows you to further drill down –

The Billing blade shows the current usage, credit left and last 3 months billing. Since I am using the Free trial the values for last 3 months bill are 0. Clicking on the Subscription Summary shows the all the Subscription Details like Burn rate, and breakdown by each resource. As you can see most of my credit is spent in compute hours of cloud service J

I have been exploring the new portal for couple of months now and I really liked the idea. I would blog about few more features in upcoming blog posts.